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Western Business Owners Should Consider Asian Expansion as APAC Digital Marketing Spending to Grow in 2021

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Western business owners have long struggled to tap into the Asian-Pacific marketplace. The APAC region offers a variety of challenges to business owners from the west due to language, cultural, and other unseen barriers. In spite of these challenges, many businesses have attempted unsuccessfully to reach audiences in the APAC region. What these companies lacked was insight, advice, and tools to develop their brands within APAC countries.

InterAd, Inc. works with western companies enabling them to achieve their sales goals in Asian markets. The company’s marketing experts are well-versed in the intricate mechanics of Search Engine Optimization(SEO), SEM, social media marketing, and online public relations. These areas are unique in Asia and companies without the knowledge of the distinctive ways of the region can struggle to make inroads in sales.

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InterAd, Inc. was founded in 2001 by CEO Stanley Chang. The company specializes in digital marketing in the APAC region, which includes Korea, Japan, and China. What makes Chang’s team so unique is that each member is a native-speaking, digital marketing expert. The team is able to work one-on-one with western companies and enable them to establish a brand identity and localized SEO to reach consumers.

According to InterAd Inc, digital marketing is skyrocketing in Asia due to the amount of time people spend online. Consumers in the APAC region spend more time online than individuals in the United States, Europe, and Canada. The amount of time individuals spend online has seen digital ad spending increase at incredible rates. In India alone, digital ad spending has increased by 425%.

Western businesses have the opportunity to connect with Asian customers through digital advertising, but without guidance, will only reach a fraction of the clients they would with InterAd Inc. Companies in the west may have great results reaching consumers online. However, these same businesses struggle in APAC markets and fail to realize why.

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As 2021 nears, it is believed that the new year will see an increase in online spending. According to InterAd Inc, now is the right time for western companies to consider expansion across Asia. But companies from the west must realize the Asian market is actually broken up into many parts. The biggest mistake made by foreign companies attempting to market in Asia is not understanding their products must be localized. Western companies paint Asia with one large paintbrush not understanding its diversity. This shows a misunderstanding of the different cultures, languages, and peoples of the region.

“Companies from the west have never had a better or more exciting opportunity to enter the APAC region’s marketplace,” Chang said. “Consumers in Asia are increasingly mobile-focused. The increasing figures of mobile engagement reflects that. With a localized SEO and SEM strategy, foreign companies can capitalize on Asia’s digital boom.”

InterAd, Inc. has worked side by side with western businesses to help them market appropriately to Asian markets. By improving brand awareness and engagement, InterAd, Inc. has helped major western companies reach new clients and consumers. InterAd, Inc. previously worked with LVMH, Microsoft, Phillips, and the British Council, enabling all three to grow, engage, and improve their bottom line.

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