GK Partners With Rizing to Offer a Comprehensive Solution for a Unified Global Commerce Strategy

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The partnership leverages Rizing’s knowledge and experience with SAP Omnichannel Point-of-Sale by GK and SAP S/4HANA

GK announced that it has partnered with Rizing, the premier provider of SAP consulting services, to offer retailers a fully integrated retail solution with SAP Omnichannel Point-of-Sale by GK and SAP® S/4HANA®. The partnership enables customers to deliver a superior omnichannel customer experience.

The SAP Omnichannel Point-of-Sale (POS) by GK offers an integrated POS solution for brick-and-mortar channels, available on premise or in the cloud. With the native integration to SAP S/4HANA and SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository), it provides customers in several industries, including grocery, fashion, specialty, mass convenience and hospitality, a comprehensive solution for a unified global commerce strategy.

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“GK’s solution integrates with SAP Commerce Cloud to provide the complete omnichannel experience for shoppers, driving new buying behaviors and providing real-time inventory across their enterprise”

The platform gives retailers several benefits, including:

  • One cloud-ready platform for all store processes that enables consistent, uniform data management and clear communication structures
  • Ability to use any device, any service, anywhere with the freedom to choose the capabilities that best suit a client’s business
  • Maximum flexibility to tailor the solution to meet precise needs
  • Multi-client capabilities for the whole enterprise that manage retail operations across sectors
  • Modular, critical and in real time, with all key processes available as services
  • Highly available and cluster aware – a system specifically optimized for high availability
  • Proven solution for medium and large retailers

“GK’s solution integrates with SAP Commerce Cloud to provide the complete omnichannel experience for shoppers, driving new buying behaviors and providing real-time inventory across their enterprise,” said Michael Jaszczyk, CEO, GK Americas. “We are excited to work with Rizing to help broaden our reach and scale of this solution, while supporting customers with the knowledge and expertise they need to successfully provide a superior omnichannel store experience.”

Rizing’s deep industry knowledge, product expertise and comprehensive approach provides valuable functional and technical support that optimizes business processes and helps retailers get the most value from their GK and SAP solutions. Rizing brings the whole package of SAP knowledge and skill to the table, offering a complete service portfolio that enables success for retail implementation programs.

“Rizing understands that today’s shoppers expect more than just efficient sales transactions — they want a personalized, consistent experience across all shopping channels,” said Brian Cederborg, Senior Vice President, Consumer Industries, Rizing. “By combining our knowledge of GK and skills in SAP with a deep understanding of our customers and their industries, we can provide a comprehensive service offering that creates value and achieves a true digital transformation for retailers. As a result, retailers can get maximum return on their investment and are able to drive great customer experiences.”

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