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Exabel Partners with Gridwise to launch Gridwise Analytics for Investors

Exabel, a data and analytics platform for investment teams, has announced its partnership with Gridwise to deliver a powerful new insights capability for Gridwise’s investment clients. Gridwise Analytics for Investors will provide hedge funds and asset managers with curated insights based on the most comprehensive gig mobility dataset that exists. This offering will provide users with easy to navigate dashboards, visualizations and KPI monitoring capabilities, and aid in the idea generation process by flagging trend shifts in Gridwise’s datasets. Joining forces with Exabel provides alternative data vendors with a value-added presentation and monitoring layer and is powered by Exabel’s market leading Al analytics, financial modelling and data science platform.

Gridwise Analytics for Investors is part of Exabel’s growing partnership program, in which data vendors can use the platform to discover valuable insights in their datasets, demonstrate that value to prospective customers, and deliver a new Insights product that is attractive to a broad audience of financial buyers. In partnering with Exabel, Gridwise’s clients are now able to more easily connect the dots in a less expensive and time-consuming manner between data and investable insights about driver supply, earnings, wages, work hours as well as driver efficiency metrics for all the major players in the Food-Delivery and Ridesharing markets.

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Every month, Gridwise ingests and processes millions of anonymized records covering driver trends, odometer data (working shift time and mileage), trips & earnings, and consumer demand from its diverse first party network of ride-hail and delivery drivers who work across over 50 gig platforms such as Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Grubhub, Instacart, Amazon Flex, and others. This gives Gridwise Analytics users an unparalleled view into both the supply side and demand dynamics of gig-mobility activity across the US making Gridwise Analytics the go-to provider for analyzing how people and goods move across ride hail and delivery services.

Commenting on the partnership, Neil Chapman, Exabel CEO said: “The gig mobility industry has swiftly established itself as a permanent fixture in the modern economy, meaning investors are now motivated to garner insights into the activities of the major players, and track second order effects. Gridwise have made themselves the obvious choice for investment teams seeking enlightenment, especially on the supply side of this growing industry. Exabel is thrilled to be able to help facilitate this value extraction process.

“The use of data, including alternative data, in financial markets is vital. Modelling data in-house has become a prohibitive burden in time and cost, and we are on a mission to change that. Exabel’s SaaS delivered platform enables discretionary managers to complement their fundamental strategies with more data-driven techniques. It is the missing piece that allows asset managers to benefit from alternative data immediately.

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“We are looking forward to working with Gridwise to create actionable insights on its data. Dashboards, intelligent screening KPI prediction models and company drill down tools are just some of the features the platform can generate – all via an easy-to-use cloud interface.”

Ryan Green, CEO from Gridwise commented: “Since launching Gridwise Analytics, we’ve been able to make gig mobility data more accessible to corporations, researchers, and cities. We’ve continued to realize strong adoption and continued demand for the insights we provide from buy-side and asset management firms. Over time we’ve had more and more firms request finance-specific insights tied to what is reported publicly by companies each quarter, out of the box backtesting, metric correlations, and more. Rather than trying to squeeze all of these requests within an already aggressive roadmap, we turned to Exabel.

“Through the partnership with Exabel, we’ve been able to leverage a team of experts and a technology platform to create a suite of actionable metrics for firms that cover the gig mobility ecosystem. We’re excited to combine our unique gig mobility data set with Exabel’s AI-driven platform to become the standard leading indicator of gig mobility activity for the financial sector.”

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